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Democratic National Convention

Project Type
Live/Remote Production

D20 was the first-ever “virtual” national political convention with over a hundred pre-recorded and live remote shoots that aired on TV, online, and on-demand via the DNC OTT app.

DCC was privileged to produce or provide equipment for many memorable moments of the convention including:

  • The beloved state delegate Roll Call 

  • Remotes from well-known figures such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as well as every day people like the inspiring Brayden Harrington  

  • Drive-in acceptance speech, virtual audiences

  • Music performances and interviews

​The Roll Call segment was very well-received, garnering far-reaching positive press from CNN and The Washington Post to features on every late night show.  Rhode Island’s “Calamari Comeback State” piece even went viral spawning countless memes and sketches.

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