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The Collective

The award-winning founders and members of the Collective

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Aaron Cooke

Founder / CEO

Aaron Cooke is an Emmy®-winning producer bringing cutting-edge broadcast technology to some of entertainment’s largest television shows and live events. As Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Cinema Collective (DCC), he has developed a roster of clients including Disney, Netflix, Google, Apple, Sony, FOX and the NFL. In ongoing conjunction, Cooke has produced multiple Emmy-nominated Super Bowl Halftime Shows, leveraging state-of-the-art systems to capture the event with cinema cameras for the first time.

In addition to leading Digital Cinema Collective, Cooke is a partner of sister company Funicular Goats, which engineers the state-of-the-art specialized systems and technical capabilities that DCC implements, consequently used across many high-level Hollywood productions. 

Beyond bringing the Super Bowl Halftime Show to 114 million viewers and helping it garner its first ever Outstanding Live Variety Special Emmy, Cooke has produced many of the entertainment industry’s biggest shows, including Disney’s variety holiday specials, Apple Music’s “Apple Music Live” series, and the Grammy Premiere Ceremony. He has also overseen such productions as the Leaders Summit on Climate, the largest-ever virtual gathering of world leaders and the first ever hybrid live/virtual event held at the White House; several National Geographic Live specials, and The Democratic National Convention. Cooke’s latest project includes the 2023 Anime Award Show for Sony’s Streaming Service, Crunchyroll, held in Japan.

Cooke’s career spans over two decades of hands-on production work, accruing the concrete expertise that made him a recognized production leader and one of the industry’s foremost figures in the rapidly growing field of cinematic multi-camera production. Launching his career in Washington, D.C. Cooke worked on prominent feature films and live events, until ultimately moving to California to pursue the industry head-on. Throughout his career, Cooke consistently pioneers emerging broadcast technologies, such as integrating live stream feeds into televised broadcasts while harmonizing a cinematic workflow into live or live-to-tape projects. Cooke’s primary goal surrounds enhancing visual aesthetic and servicing storytelling capabilities.

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